CytoMol Corporation was founded as an California Incorporation at the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. The predominant goal of the company has been providing superior products and services that support academic and commercial endeavors in the area of cell biology, molecular biology and diagnostic immunology. CytoMol Corporation is a Life Science Research Company that provides cutting-edge enabling technologies, products and services to accelerate research and development of protein expression and purification, new therapeutics and diagnostics. We are an internationally reputed company in the above mentioned fields for both quality and competitive pricing. We also offer excellent technical support for all our products and services.

Technology: CytoMol is one of testing center in the United States of America, following the American FDA standard operation procedures. The company performs in accordance with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) management and operation of GLP codes and standards. The company is engaged in the international food safety inspection of the independent third party food safety determination of company. Company business is according to the American FDA, European EFSA food safety standards, the United States, the European Union and the import and export of the other countries in the world of food and the domestic and foreign food products manufacturing enterprises to provide security services. The company provides food safety standards of the international advisory and related technologies for food producers to improve service. CytoMol has developed a diverse portfolio of proprietary technologies. CytoMol collaborates with other Universities and Research Institutes in San Francisco Bay-area and has various professionals ranging from laboratory technicians to Ph.D. scientists and business personnel. The corporate facility located in Sunnyvale, California and maintains the operation including R&D, manufacturing, operations, sales & Marketing, administration and business relationship. We have proprietary expression and purification system with special resin to purify both soluble and membrane-bound protein up to 99.9%. Our Rotator Hollow Fiber Bioreactor Systems are designed for high protein yield with robotics. The company has advanced technology to analyze and study the drugs, health products, food, fruit, beverage, plant samples provided by customers. The company performs in accordance with the United States Food Standards analysis standard of product nutrition and related biological and chemical composition and structure. Company has the unique technology in the food label detection and application aspects, such as analysis of protein, fat, carbohydrate, metal chelate, vitamins, trace elements, polyphenols, alkaloids, and the cell function material etc.  
Products: We develop, manufacture, market, and distribute proprietary DNA or genes and protein products. Our products include antibodies ready to use, recombinant proteins, total proteins, cytoplasmic proteins, nuclear proteins, membrane proteins, cytoskeleton proteins, total protein Western blots, total protein arrays, mega Western protein arrays, tissue arrays, protein analysis kits, protein extraction kits, cDNAs and reagents.

Services: Our services include protein expression and purificationantibody productionpeptide design and synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesisDNA RNA service and other services.

People: Our staff has over 20 years experiences in molecular biology, cell biology, pharmaceutical & clinical research. We're experts in gene expression, protein purification, biochemical synthesis, antibody production and cellular bioassay systems.  We have developed, validated and applied protein and customized-assays for clinical research.  

Distributor and Partnership: CytoMol Corporation seeks partnership with research academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world. We will achieve our distinguished global ranking within the scientific community by building a superior reputation for quality, reliable, prompt, and cost-effective products and services.
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