LargeRare Full-length cDNA Libraries

Large mRNAs are notoriously difficult to convert into full-length cDNA. In conventional cDNA library construction and PCR-based methods, the inherent inefficiency of the reverse transcriptase enzyme results in very few large genes in the final product. 
At the same time, researchers have difficulty with very rare transcripts by standard cDNA-based methodologies. In conventional cDNA synthesis methods, high- to medium-abundance transcripts are reverse-transcribed with relative ease; however, rare transcripts are not easily converted to full-length cDNA.

We have developed a technology that bypasses this limitation. The proprietary gene enrichment technology is designed to specifically enrich for large, full-length or rare transcripts in the final cDNA preparation. Each cDNA is tissue-specific and double-stranded, which has already been pre-enriched for large or rare transcripts. Thus, researchers can rapidly and easily amplify almost any target transcript-regardless of its size and abundance.

The LargeRare Full-Length cDNAs are ideal for amplifying the gene of interest using gene-specific primers. Alternatively, you can profile expression of your gene of interest by using the cDNAs prepared from different tissues. You can immediately get results with this ready-to-use cDNA -just run a simple PCR and visualize your results by agarose gel electrophoresis.

Figure 1. The Large-Full-Length 7 kilo-bases of human Titin gene was successfully amplified from our Full-Length cDNA generated from different tissues. However, the Titin gene was not amplified using other commercially available, non-enriched cDNAs. Lanes A: our Large cDNA. Lanes B: Competitor, non-enriched cDNA. The Marker is standard 1-kb DNA ladder.
Figure 2. Rare, full-length genes were successfully amplified using Human Testis Rare Full-Length cDNA compared to that of other commercially available, non-enriched cDNA. Lanes A: our rare cDNA. Lanes B: Competitor, non-enriched cDNA. Lane M: 1-kb DNA ladder.

LargeRare cDNA From Human Tissues
Adult Tissue
Fetal Tissue
Tumor Tissue

cDNA From Non-Human Tissues