Total Protein Arrays

Cytomol's tissue total protein array is made from the same high quality total protein used in our total protein western blots and is supplied ready-to-use. The tissue protein arrays contain modified nitrocellulose membranes spotted with proteins from different tissues. This specially designed ready to use array is the most economical tool available for rapid detection of protein expression in a wide variety of human adult and fetal normal tissues, human disease and tumor tissues.
  • Dual applications and detection, either in microarray scanner or regular autoradiograph
  • Ready to use, pre-spotted with high quality protein
  • Designed to correspond with our tissue arrays and mRNA arrays
  • Suitable for both radioactive and non-radioactive detection
  • Documentation of tissues' clinical histories available upon request
  • Matched slides or cDNA of each tissue on blot available for immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization or PCR detection upon request
  • Covers almost all types of human adult and fetal normal tissues and human tumor tissues in a single array
  • Applications
  • High throughput screening by microarray scanner or routine film exposure
  • Quickly screening the expression of your target protein against an extensive panel of normal adult, fetal, or tumor tissues
  • Protein expression pattern analysis
  • Comparison of expression levels of novel proteins
  • Description
    Tissue total protein array is manufactured with high quality proteins from documented tissues or cell lines. The tissues are excised, immediately frozen, and then pathologically identified. Proteins are isolated from these tissues with CytoMol's proprietary techniques. The proteins are then spotted in duplicate onto a modified nitrocellulose membrane. Each spot contains the same amount of protein across the array. The quality of each lot is ensured by immunoassay of a representative protein array with an antibody against GAPDH. This array is supÁlied ready to use, so that you can immediately screen the expression of your target protein without the hassle of obtaining hard to find tissues and processing the protein yourself.
    Storage Conditions
    Store the array in sealed bag at 4║C, away from light

    Proteins From Human Tissues
    Adult Tissue
    Adult and Fetal Tissues
    Fetal Tissue
    Tumor Tissue