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General Inquiry

Cancellation Policy

Catalog Products can be cancelled before shipping or within 24 hours of
order. Email to, or Call customer service at 1-877-cytomol for any product returns.

Any orders of custom service is non cancelable and non returnable. Each
service order will have a confirmation/quotation. Please refer to quotation number
when placing order.

Refund Policy

Customer will get refund under the following conditions: 1.written request; 2. within 2 weeks (10 working days) from
receiving product; and proven products that do not meet
date-sheet specification.

Privacy Statement

CytoMol Corp.ís policy is to hold all confidential information, materials, and customers in strict confidence,
and not to disclose and not to use any the information and materials for any purpose except for the customer
business purpose.  Upon customerís request, CytoMol Corp. will promptly return all tangible items including
derived materials and copies. CytoMol Corp. acknowledges that all confidential information and
materials are owned solely by individual customer.